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Opening a magic door from inside


Player 1: I push the door

DM: The door opens


DM: The door opens. Also your hand hurts you idiot.

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Only at Fusion you find a bucket of Mac and Cheese… genius, pure genius XD
My dog all wrapped up in a blanket lol XD

Throughout high school I honed my craft—video—and created hilarious and spectacular things. I was told by so many people they were amazing and great and funny and I was definitely the next Stephen Spielburg. Then I went to film school.

Everyone in that first video class? They had honed their craft—video—and created hilarious and spectacular things. They were told by so many people that they were amazing and great and funny and they were definitely the next Stephen Spielburg.

The thing to remember is that art—whether it be drawing, video, sculpture, poetry, music, whatever—is a skill. Practicing will indeed make you better. But no amount of practice will ever change *you* and the way you think. From a “skill” perspective, you might be completely equal to another artist, but the things you each create will be wildly different.

Don’t stop creating because someone is better than you, because they’ll never be you—and that’s the most important part of your art.

Stephen Georg
(Recently posted this on Facebook for a friend, but perhaps the artists of Tumblr could appreciate it as well.)

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At Fusion, We have a violinist tonight. And it is awesome!!! :D

5 Tips for Writing Action-Packed Fight Scenes



Conflict is vital to every story.

And often, that conflict escalates from disagreement and dislike to physical combat. In the world of fiction—especially genres such as fantasy and sci-fi—writing satisfying, dynamic fighting sequences is often a necessity.

Let’s take a deeper look at the adrenalin-laced topic of fighting, as well as a few tips that will help you write more dynamic, intense battle scenes in your stories.

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Taken at church this morning. Probably one of my favorites





I think I found a gif that represents the social justice system on tumblr perfectly.


someone do me a favor

put anon faces over all the panther heads to make it even more hilarious





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if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog